Table rates_grid

854797155382023-12-15 00:00:0025120003600000110
854798155382023-12-16 00:00:0025120003600000110
854799155382023-12-17 00:00:0025120003600000110
854800155382023-12-18 00:00:0025240003600000110
854801155382023-12-19 00:00:0025240003600000110
854802155382023-12-20 00:00:0025240003600000110
854803155382023-12-21 00:00:0025240003600000110
854804155382023-12-22 00:00:0025240003600000110
854805155382023-12-23 00:00:0025240003600000110
854806155382023-12-24 00:00:0025240003600000110
854807155382023-12-25 00:00:0025360003600000110
854808155382023-12-26 00:00:0025360003600000110
854809155382023-12-27 00:00:0025360003600000110
854810155382023-12-28 00:00:0025360003600000110
854811155382023-12-29 00:00:0025360003600000110
854812155382023-12-30 00:00:0025360003600000110
854813155382023-12-31 00:00:0025360003600000110
854814155382024-01-01 00:00:0019240003600000110
854815155382024-01-02 00:00:0019240003600000110
854816155382024-01-03 00:00:0019240003600000110


Table Room Types

153538RV SUP TWN VHASuperior River View Twin12341
254548RV SUP DBL VHASuperior River View Double12341
355558GV SUP TWN VHASuperior Garden View Twin12341
456568GV SUP DBL VHASuperior Garden View Double12341
557578DLX TWN VHADeluxe Twin22341
658588DLX DBL VHADeluxe Double22341
759598J SUITE TWN VHAJunior Suite Twin32341
860608J SUITE DBL VHAJunior Suite Double32341
961618SUITE VHASuite42341
1075759SUP DBL VCTSuperior Double12341
1176769SUP TWN VCTSuperior Twin12341
1277779DLX DBL VCTDeluxe Double22341
1378789DLX TWN VCTDeluxe Twin22341
1479799SUITE DBL VCTSuite Double42341
1580809SUITE TWN VCTSuite Twin42341
161191199DLX DBL 2ND VCTDeluxe Double with balcony & pool view32341
171201209DLX TWN 2ND VCTDeluxe Twin with balcony & pool view32341
18333SUP DBL VCDSuperior Double12341
1923233SUP TWN VCDSuperior Twin12341
2024243DLX RV DBL VCDDeluxe River View Double32341
2125253DLX RV TWN VCDDeluxe River View Twin32341
2226263SUITE VCDJunior Suite42341
231211213DLX GV DBL VCDDeluxe Garden View Double22341
241221223DLX GV TWN VCDDeluxe Garden View Twin22341
25444SUP DBL VNSSuperior Double12341
2615154SUP TWN VNSSuperior Twin12341
2716164DLX PD DBL VNSDeluxe Double Paddy32341
2817174DLX PD TWN VNSDeluxe Twin Paddy32341
2918184FML DBL VNSFamily Double43441
3019194FML TWN VNSFamily Twin43441
311231234DLX GD DBL VNSDeluxe Double Garden22341
321241244DLX GD TWN VNSDeluxe Twin Garden22341
3310510512SUD VXTPalace Double12341
3410610612SUT VXTPalace Twin12341
3510710712VIS VXTVictoria Suite22341
3610810812XTV VXTXiengthong Villa22341
3710910912MKS VXTMekong Suite22341


Table rates

1553538Book Early & Save
1554548Book Early & Save
1555558Book Early & Save
1556568Book Early & Save
1557578Book Early & Save
1558588Book Early & Save
1559598Book Early & Save
1560608Book Early & Save
1561618Book Early & Save
1575759Book Early & Save
1576769Book Early & Save
1577779Book Early & Save
1578789Book Early & Save
1579799Book Early & Save
1580809Book Early & Save
151191199Book Early & Save
151201209Book Early & Save
15333Book Early & Save
1523233Book Early & Save
1524243Book Early & Save
1525253Book Early & Save
1526263Book Early & Save
151211213Book Early & Save
151221223Book Early & Save
15444Book Early & Save
1515154Book Early & Save
1516164Book Early & Save
1517174Book Early & Save
1518184Book Early & Save
1519194Book Early & Save
151231234Book Early & Save
151241244Book Early & Save
1510510512Book Early & Save
1510610612Book Early & Save
1510710712Book Early & Save
1510810812Book Early & Save
1510910912Book Early & Save
2353538Special Deal
2354548Special Deal
2355558Special Deal
2356568Special Deal
2357578Special Deal
2358588Special Deal
2359598Special Deal
2360608Special Deal
2361618Special Deal
110653538Flexible Rate
110654548Flexible Rate
110655558Flexible Rate
110656568Flexible Rate
110657578Flexible Rate
110658588Flexible Rate
110659598Flexible Rate
110660608Flexible Rate
110661618Flexible Rate
110675759Flexible Rate
110676769Flexible Rate
110677779Flexible Rate
110678789Flexible Rate
110679799Flexible Rate
110680809Flexible Rate
11061191199Flexible Rate
11061201209Flexible Rate
1106333Flexible Rate
110623233Flexible Rate
110624243Flexible Rate
110625253Flexible Rate
110626263Flexible Rate
11061211213Flexible Rate
11061221223Flexible Rate
1106444Flexible Rate
110615154Flexible Rate
110616164Flexible Rate
110617174Flexible Rate
110618184Flexible Rate
110619194Flexible Rate
11061231234Flexible Rate
11061241244Flexible Rate
110610510512Flexible Rate
110610610612Flexible Rate
110610710712Flexible Rate
110610810812Flexible Rate
110610910912Flexible Rate


Table hotels

1VHAVictoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa1816577
2VCTVictoria Can Tho Resort1916808
3VCDVictoria Chau Doc Hotel1316129
4VNSVictoria Nui Sam Lodge1416130
5VXPVictoria Xiengthong Palace11217232