Victoria Can Tho Resort commits to environmental protection with a standard waste treatment system

Victoria Can Tho Resort – a 4-star resort located in the Mekong Delta region, leads the commitment to development that goes hand in hand with environmental protection. Not only striving every day to build a resort with professional and high-class services, Victoria Can Tho Resort also pays special attention to its internationally standard waste treatment system, contributing to the protection of the local ecosystem and maintaining sustainable development.

Modern Waste Treatment System and Management Process

To minimize negative environmental impacts, Victoria Can Tho Resort has integrated a standard waste treatment system into its operations. This system is designed to handle all types of waste, from solid to liquid, ensuring that waste output is minimized while also enabling the reuse of organic waste to create natural fertilizers for the resort’s greenery.

All types of waste are sorted at the source into separate categories such as organic waste, plastic waste, metal, etc., before disposal. Recyclable materials like plastic and metal are collected and sent to professional recycling units.

Results from the Standard Treatment System

Thanks to the use of the standard waste treatment system, Victoria Can Tho Resort has achieved significant results. The amount of waste released into the environment has been reduced, the quality of wastewater meets high standards, and most importantly, it does not harm the local ecosystem. Additionally, the use of self-produced organic fertilizers helps maintain and develop the resort’s greenery, creating a fresh and lush environment for guests.

Victoria Can Tho Resort’s Commitment to the Future

Victoria Can Tho Resort is not only dedicated to providing high-quality and premium tourism and resort products but also continuously strives to act for the future. By enhancing and improving the waste treatment system, and implementing other environmental protection measures such as energy conservation, using renewable energy sources, and reducing single-use plastics, Victoria Can Tho Resort promises to be an excellent resort committed to sustainable development for all guests.

Victoria Can Tho Resort – A Sustainable Green Oasis in the heart of Tay Do

Victoria Can Tho Resort’s commitment to environmental protection reflects not only the responsibility of a tourism business but also sets a shining example in the hospitality and resort industry, contributing to a green, clean, and sustainable destination for both domestic and international visitors.

Come and experience the difference at our ‘sustainable green oasis in the heart of Tay Do’ and enjoy the wonderful relaxation moments of a perfect vacation.


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