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Victoria Hosts Cocktail Party In Paris

Victoria  Cocktail

Earlier this month, Victoria Hotels & Resorts hosted a cocktail event in Paris for media and partners.


A vintage Citroen convertible, stylish “ao dai” dresses and Victoria-themed party favours set the mood for a light-hearted evening of cocktails and canapés.

Victoria Cocktail

Victoria Hotels & Resorts are proud of our “French Connection” with all our properties reflecting the spirit of French Indochina through turn-of-the-century inspired architecture, elegant furnishings and sophisticated menu offerings. Some of our European guests have even told us they had parents or grandparents who called Vietnam and Laos home in the early 20th century and heard stories as a child of life in the exotic Far East. Now adults, they travelled to Asia looking to experience the spirit of Indochina themselves by staying with Victoria Hotels & Resorts!


This summer, experience some of the Victoria magic for yourself with our Summer Escapes including hotels, cruises and scenic flights!

Victoria Hosts Cocktail

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