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2-Night tours

Winding waterways snaking through vast fields of rice simply add to the beauty of Vietnam’s “Rice Bowl”. Enjoy a relaxing cruise aboard Song Xanh Sampans, with fascinating excursions by row boat, bicycle and walking.

Mekong Crossroads (Upstream)

Cai Be – Can Tho

VND 10,800,000 net/ person

(minimum 2 persons)

Experience the beautiful Mekong Delta aboard Song Xanh Sampans, visiting local factories, historic houses and the famed Cai Rang Floating Market.
mekong cruises Deep In The Delta (Upstream)

Deep In The Delta (Upstream)

Cai Be - Chau Doc

VND 12,300,000 net/ person (minimum 2 persons)

Discover the uniqueness of the Delta region with its sprawling rice fields, visiting local factories and the charming town of Sa Dec known for elements of Chinese and Khmer culture and an Indochina history.

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Mekong Crossroads (Downstream)

Can Tho - Cai Be

VND 10,800,000 net/ person (minimum 2 persons)

Cruise along picturesque canals and visit local workshops and historic houses. Conclude your journey with a lovely lunch of Mekong Delta specialties.

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