10 must-do experiences at Hoi An’s top beach resort

Victoria Hoi An, Hoi An’s leading beach resort, offers guests a wide range of distinctive, can’t-miss experiences for the ultimate summer holiday in what was once Southeast Asia’s most prosperous trading port.

1. Romantic dinner on Cua Dai Beach

If you’re looking for a private, romantic dinner right on the beach, Victoria Hoi An is the place to be. With a beautiful white sand beach directly in front of the resort overlooking Cua Dai Beach, you and your loved one will enjoy an unforgettable evening at Hoi An’s best-value beach resort. Imbued with a timeless beauty inspired by Indochina, a romantic dinner cooled by sea breezes with the sound of the waves as a backdrop is sure to add an unforgettable chapter to your love story.


2. Explore the world of cinema at the Magic Theatre

Brand new to Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa is the Magic Theater cinema. Smartly designed with a state-of-the-art sound system, international-standard amenities, and a diverse collection of movies, this luxe cinema right on the resort’s premises offers guests an ultimately satisfying movie experience.


3. Tool around the Ancient Town in a vintage sidecar

In contrast to the town’s serene beauty at night, Hoi An during the day is always bustling with visitors. For a completely unique way to explore what was once Southeast Asia’s most prosperous trading port, hop on a vintage, three-wheeled sidecar, an elegant throwback to Indochina times. Exclusive to Victoria Hoi An, our classic three-wheeled sidecars operated by a team of friendly and professional drivers will take you on an adventurous journey past the Ancient Town’s most famous attractions or along less-traveled streets and alleyways for a rare glimpse of colorful local life.


4. Enjoy the sea breezes on a catamaran

Hoi An is home to several beautiful beaches, like Cua Dai Beach, which are perfect for water sports. A can’t-miss water sport is catamaran sailing, only available at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa. Featured on VTV3’s “Morning Coffee” television program, catamaran sailing at Victoria Hoi An is a great way to experience the sun and sea during your summer holiday.


5. River kayaking

Kayaking is a guest-favorite activity at Victoria Hoi An. Different from the thrills of catamaran sailing on the open ocean, river kayaking is more relaxing but no less exciting. Kayaking the calm De Vong River allows guests to observe the natural beauty of the area from a very different perspective. If you happen to be staying at Victoria Hoi An at the beginning of the year, don’t forget to enter the kayaking competition and stand to win valuable prizes.

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6. Relax by the infinity pool overlooking Cua Dai Beach

In addition to its unique Indochinese architecture, Victoria Hoi An is also known for its gorgeous infinity swimming pool overlooking beautiful Cua Dai Beach. Take a dip in the clear blue water while sipping a refreshing cocktail from the adjacent Faifo Bar. Lounging in this beautiful setting as the sun sets over the sea is one of those unforgettable experiences at Victoria Hoi An.


7. Savor new culinary flavors at our BBQ buffet

When staying at Victoria Hoi An, another can’t-miss experience is the BBQ buffets held every Wednesday and Saturday evening, accompanied by live traditional dances. The talented, creative team of chefs at the resort is pleased to showcase the bold flavors of Asia as well as introduce local guests to new culinary delights featuring European ingredients and techniques. These buffet feasts are a great opportunity to experience both Eastern and Western cultures against a backdrop of song and dance, allowing guests to fall in love with the country and people of Vietnam all over again.

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8. Enjoy local specialties

More than just photogenic heritage buildings, Hoi An also captures the hearts of tourists with its diverse range of culinary specialties, such as Cao Lau and Mi Quang noodles, grilled pork skewers, and stuffed baguette sandwiches. Guests are invited to discover all these specialties in the warm and stylish surrounds of L’Annam Restaurant at Victoria Hoi An Resort. Each dish aims to awaken all the senses with its unique flavors and creative presentation.

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9. See a miniature version of Hoi An

Just 5km from Hoi An’s Ancient Town, Victoria Hoi An is designed after a small fishing village along Cua Dai Beach. Thanks to the unique architecture of this leading Hoi An resort, guests often feel as if they are in a miniature version of Hoi An. Whether lit up by colorful lanterns at night or bathed in bright sunlight, Victoria Hoi An exudes a quiet, dreamlike beauty. Walk along the resort’s wooden bridges or stroll the lush, green gardens to feel like you’ve stepped into a beautiful painting where the elegance of ancient architecture meets the vibrance of modern living.


10. Visit the Cham Islands

A famous destination that definitely cannot be missed when visiting Hoi An is the Cham archipelago, known as the “pearl of Quang Nam.” Walking along Victoria Hoi An’s stone embankment, you can make out these pretty islands in the distance. The resort staff are always on hand to help you book a tour to visit the islands and enjoy their pristine natural beauty, as well as savor the freshest seafood served by local fishermen.

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