Admiring the ingenuity of Vietnamese ancestors on the Vinh Te Canal

The Vinh Te Chau Doc Canal is a fascinating destination in the Mekong Delta, attracting visitors for its interesting history and its immense value to the lives of people in the river region.

The largest canal constructed in the feudal history of Vietnam, the Vinh Te Canal, was dug in parallel to the Vietnam-Cambodia border, starting from the west bank of the Chau Doc River to the Giang Thanh River in the town of Ha Tien in Kien Giang province. Under the command of Governor Vinh Thanh Thoai Ngoc Hau, the 91-km-long canal was completed in 1824, measuring 25m wide and 3m deep. 

Dug entirely by hand, the canal was constructed for border protection as well as to make it easier for people to travel and trade on the water. The Vinh Te Canal still has great value in terms of water management, transportation, trade, and border defense.

“The Vinh Te Canal not only has socio-economic value but also military value, especially at the time of its construction. We can see the vision and determination of our ancestors in conquering Mother Nature in Vietnam’s southern region”, said Mr. Tran Cao Sang, Front Office Supervisor at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel.

For that reason, according to Mr. Sang, when staying at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), guests are keen to book tours departing right from the hotel’s pier to visit the canal.

“On tours to the Vinh Te Canal, guests can observe sights typical of the Mekong Delta, such as floating gas stations, children bathing in the river, people herding buffaloes, and people fishing… Although the boats themselves are very small, the sound of their engines reverberates throughout the entire river area. This is also a special feature of the tour, creating a scene very typical of the Mekong Delta,” Mr. Sang shared with enthusiasm.

According to Mr. Sang, visiting the Vinh Te Canal isn’t just about sightseeing; it’s also about visiting a source of national pride. The team at Victoria Chau Doc invites guests to book this experiential tour to discover one of the outstanding attractions of Chau Doc and An Giang, as well as a wonderful achievement of the people of Vietnam.

Link youtube: Admiring the ingenuity of Vietnamese ancestors on the Vinh Te Canal

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