Authentic Indochinese-inspired Victoria brand again honored by Travelers’ Choice Awards 2024

Thien Minh Group’s Victoria Hotels & Resorts brand has once again affirmed its status as the leading provider of authentic Indochina experiences by garnering the Travelers’ Choice Awards 2024 from TripAdvisor.

According to the online booking platform TripAdvisor, all five member properties of the Victoria Hotels & Resorts chain have been honored with the prestigious Travelers’ Choice Awards 2024. These properties are Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa, Victoria Can Tho Resort, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, and Victoria Xiengthong Palace.

The Travelers’ Choice Awards honors the top 10% of listings rated by travelers as their favorite local destinations, hotels, restaurants, and leisure activities. The awards are based on 12 months of reviews and ratings gathered from travelers and diners around the world on the TripAdvisor platform.

That Victoria Hotels & Resorts continue to be honored with this prestigious award is a testament to their continuous efforts in creating and improving high-quality products and services that lead to satisfaction and a superior customer experience.

Located in some of Vietnam’s outstanding destinations, such as Hoi An (Quang Nam), Chau Doc (An Giang), Can Tho, and Luang Prabang, Laos, the Victoria Hotels & Resorts chain not only impresses with its distinctive, authentic Indochinese aesthetic but also wins over guests with luxe amenities, engaging experiences and professional service.

1. Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa – #3 out of 34 properties in Hoi An

Located directly on beautiful Cua Dai Beach, Victoria Hoi An Resort offers guests a wide range of amazing experiences both on and off resort grounds, including ocean catamaran sailingriver kayaking, and sidecar tours to Hoi An. The stylish rooms, particularly the oceanview suites, add to truly memorable stays.

Located right on the beautiful Cua Dai beach, Victoria Hoi An Resort offers visitors a variety of exciting activities and experiences inside and outside the resort premises.

2. Victoria Can Tho Resort – #3 of 76 properties in Can Tho

Not only a beautiful, green resort on the banks of the Hau River, Victoria Can Tho introduces visitors to countless activities to explore the river life in the Southwest.

More than a beautiful resort surrounded by lush gardens on the banks of the Hau River, Victoria Can Tho offers guests many ways to immerse themselves in life by the river in the Mekong Delta, from morning yoga in the garden and a cruise on the Mekong Princess to the floating market to a bustling street food market recreated right on the resort premises. These activities help guests genuinely connect to the beauty of the culture and the simple yet open people of this corner of southern Vietnam.

3. Victoria Chau Doc Hotel – #1 of 20 properties in Chau Doc

Located in a prime location where the Hau and Chau Doc rivers meet, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel offers a stay imbued with a blend of local culture and elements of Indochina. With Victoria Chau Doc as a base, guests can explore the surrounding area on a rustic rickshawtake the Victoria speedboat along the Mekong River to Cambodia and observe life on both sides of the river or visit the floating fishing villages of Chau Doc. In this border town, the four ethnic communities of Kinh (Vietnamese), Hoa (Chinese), Cham, and Khmer co-exist peacefully, showcasing the rustic beauty of riverside living.


Located in a prime location on the confluence of Hau and Chau Doc rivers, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel offers a stay imbued with local identity mixed with unique Indochinese features.

4. Victoria Nui Sam Lodge – #2 of 20 properties in Chau Doc

If you ask which hotel offers the most beautiful views in Chau Doc, you’ll likely hear “Victoria Nui Sam”. Located on the slopes of Sam Mountain, Victoria Nui Sam is home to a spectacular infinity pool with endless views over the surrounding rice fields below and is the ideal spot to observe the most brilliant sunsets in the Mekong Delta. The elegance of classical Indochinese architecture and the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and forests combine for an unforgettable setting.

Located on the slopes of Mount Sam, owning an infinity pool overlooking endless rice fields, Victoria Nui Sam is an ideal place for travelers who want to enjoy the majestic natural scenery.

5. Victoria Palace Xiengthong Resort – #7 of 114 properties in Luang Prabang

Once the residence of the Lao royal family, Victoria Xiengthong Palace is a historical witness that brings a true “royal” experience to visitors.

In Luang Prabang, the famed heritage city of the “Land of a Million Elephants”, visitors will find a haven of tranquility at Victoria Xiengthong Palace. Once the residence of the Lao royal family, Victoria Xiengthong Palace has witnessed history in the making. It now provides guests with literally the “royal” treatment. Find serenity for the heart and mind by waking up early to participate in the almsgiving ceremony, strolling the vibrant night market, or learning how to make Lao dishes at Victoria Xiengthong.


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