Give your child the gift of calligraphy at Victoria Hoi An


calligraphy at Victoria Hoi An

Every summer, my husband and I take our two children to Victoria Hoi An Resort because we all really love the peaceful setting and fresh sea air there. This year, our holiday was even more special because of our interesting experience with a calligraphy master.

Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa is already well-known to travelers from near and far because of its classic Indochinese architecture. The entire resort is modeled after a coastal fishing village. Inspired by local culture, Victoria Hoi An has spacious green gardens and lush grassy lawns, swimming pools, and direct access to the sea.

Asking for a calligraphy message

One peaceful Friday evening at Victoria Hoi An, while walking the lovely grounds and listening to the gentle croaking of frogs, we saw a man wearing traditional Vietnamese clothing sitting on a woven mat. Next to him was a table, brush, and inkwell. He was a true calligraphy master, like in the poem of the same name by Vu Dinh Lien.

Seeing us coming, the master smiled and was happy to write a custom message for my children. “Vietnamese or English are both fine,” the master added.

My husband and I thought for a while about what to ask the calligraphy master to write for us. We finally agreed on the word “Dũng” for our son, so that he would grow up to be resilient, strong, and courageous. For our little daughter, the two of us agreed to ask for “ngoan” so that she would forever be as good and modest as the daughters of legend. “If you lack something, ask for it,” my husband and I nodded.

The teacher slowly began grinding the ink and twirling the tip of his brush. My children, needless to say, were mesmerized by his theatrical movements.

calligraphy at Victoria Hoi An

Calligraphy in Vietnamese culture

Vietnamese calligraphy is a type of hieroglyphic writing using brush and ink. Since ancient times, calligraphy has been an important part of traditional culture and education in Vietnamese society. Calligraphy artists are highly appreciated and play an important role in passing down knowledge and teaching others about the qualities of dignity and character.

According to ancient Vietnamese beliefs, writing is an expression of human intellect and soul. Beautiful handwriting is a sign of sophistication, elegance, and a good upbringing, while poor handwriting is a sign of lacking education and culture. That’s why there is a proverb that says: “Your handwriting is a sign of your character”. Vietnamese people also believe that through writing, we can educate and guide others as it can convey moral lessons and noble human values, such as “Dũng” (courage) và “Ngoan” (goodness).

Although in modern times, the practice of calligraphy has lost its popularity, preserving traditional calligraphy art is an important way to safeguard and spread Vietnam’s precious cultural values.

So it was that my husband and I were extremely happy to see that at Victoria Hoi An, this cultural art is still being encouraged and maintained, not just to retain the cultural values of yesteryear but also to encourage the younger generation to take an interest in the unique traditions of their ancestors.

So, by chance, our weekend at Victoria Hoi An turned into a journey to the heart of Vietnamese culture. Meeting the calligraphy master and the two precious pieces of calligraphy gifted to the children left a deep impression in our hearts. Looking at my children carefully holding their gifts in their hands, I felt like my family was joining the resort in its commitment to preserving the nation’s traditional values in the face of time’s ever forward movement.

Thank you Victoria Hoi An for this wonderful experience.

For those looking for a destination that seamlessly combines tradition and modern amenities, look no further than Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa.

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