Weekend Buffet Of Southwestern Vietnamese Street Food Aims To Attract Diners To Victoria Can Tho Resort


Weekend Buffet Of Southwestern Vietnamese Street Food Aims To Attract Diners To Victoria Can Tho Resort

Weekend Buffet Of Southwestern Vietnamese Street Food Aims To Attract Diners To Victoria Can Tho Resort

Starting in July 2022, tourists can visit the Victoria Can Tho Resort in Cai Khe commune on the banks of the Hau River every Saturday night to enjoy its new street food corner.

Resort Director Vo Xuan Thu explained that the resort wanted to put on a buffet of street food showcasing the culinary culture of Vietnam’s southwest.

Southwest dishes from the buffet of street food corner at Victoria Can Tho Resort.

Located on the banks of the quiet Hau River, Victoria Can Tho Resort has long attracted visitors with its vintage Indochine-style architecture and its delectable culinary offerings.

Now with its street food corner situated in the spacious garden area, international travelers and domestic guests have one more option on the table.

Creatively displayed on stands, trolleys, and boats, the street food corner offers diners nearly 30 standout dishes. In addition, stations are manned by talented chefs, with their impressive skills on display live to the delight of guests.

A chef demonstrated how to cook a Vietnamese crepe properly.

The salad station has a mouth-watering array of options including beef salad; lotus root salad with pork and shrimp; chicken salad; salad rolls, and more. The buffet also includes grilled eggplant with scallions, crab noodle soup, Vietnamese crepes, grilled beef in lolot leaves, fried vegetables with garlic, fried rice with egg, grilled shrimp, grilled squid, snails with black pepper, grilled corn, and more.

In addition to an area for fresh herbs, condiments, and fresh fruit, the street food corner also offers diners a live spring roll station, savory crepe station, hot food station, BBQ station, dessert station, and more, spotlighting the best of the Mekong Delta’s country-style cooking.

Roll station area at Victoria Can Tho Resort.
Familiar food in Vietnamese traditional meals.
The Dessert Station.

By launching this Southwestern Vietnamese street food corner, Ms. Vo wishes to elevate visitors’ culinary experience of traditional flavors from the Mekong River Delta.

“Victoria Can Tho Resort has opened this area to combine street food with a luxury restaurant setting to enhance the value of Vietnamese cuisine and to make a great impression on guests,” she said.

An amazing corner for guests to enjoy the meal.

To enjoy the buffet, adults pay a price of VND 490,000; children from 5-11 years old VND 340,000; children younger than 5 are free of charge. The buffet includes water and soft drinks.

Ms. Vo said this buffet aims to serve families on the weekend so that both adults and children can enjoy as many dishes as possible instead of having just one. She also wants to reach weekend diners who often stroll along the walking street at Ninh Kieu Pier.

After crossing the Love Bridge, they’ll immediately see the street food corner in the gardens of the one and only Victoria Can Tho Resort.

Source: Saigon Tiếp thị

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