‘Bảo tàng kí ức’ về thương cảng phố Hội lừng danh một thời: Kiến trúc hoài cổ, sở hữu BST cổ vật quý và dịch vụ có 1-0-2


‘Bảo tàng kí ức’ về thương cảng phố Hội lừng danh một thời: Kiến trúc hoài cổ, sở hữu BST cổ vật quý và dịch vụ có 1-0-2

‘Memory Museum’ of the once famous trading port of Hoi An: Vintage architecture, a collection of precious antiques and unparalleled service

Before becoming a world-famous destination, Hoi An was a busy trading port, and before that, a peaceful fishing village on the coast of Cua Dai. Like an onion, you can peel back the fascinating history of ancient Hoi An layer by layer.

Over the years, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa has become a traveler-favorite for its peaceful setting.

trading port

Nearly 20 years ago, when French engineers arrived to begin construction on Victoria Hoi An, they were amazed by the surrounding scenery, which included pristine Cua Dai Beach, casuarina forests swaying lightly in the wind, tranquil fishing villages laid out by the canals, green lagoons, and a bounty of shrimp and fish…

That initial vivid impression has served as an inspiration for the resort’s design and has been preserved in every corner of Victoria Hoi An, reflected in its vintage but stylish, spacious but warm architectural style.

Its designers and builders have created a resort setting inspired by an ancient fishing village, including winding stone paths, lush green gardens, and a small canal that snakes its way past tiled buildings strung with lanterns. Each room boasts beautiful views of the gardens or the sea, inviting guests to immerse themselves in nature and the uniqueness of this fascinating heritage town.

The founders of Victoria Hoi An were also dedicated to collecting vintage items to partially recreate Hoi An during its prosperous era with photos of antique cars, wooden beds, colorful folk puppets and old photos of Vietnam taken by French photographers from the 19th century. This is one of the resort’s special features, and why guests liken it to a “museum of memories”.

Put into operation in early 2001 under the management of the Victoria Hotels & Resorts Group and owned by the EEM Investment Company in France, Victoria Hoi An has become an impressive destination for domestic and international tourists, especially French tourists to Hoi An.

In February 2011, along with the Victoria Group, the ownership of Victoria Hoi An Resort was fully transferred by the EEM Group to Thien Minh Group, a 100% Vietnamese-owned company with a long history of operating in the field of tourism services with a chain of hotels and travel companies in Vietnam and several other Southeast Asian countries.

trading port hoi an

In addition to enjoying international standard facilities, guests at Victoria Hoi An can also go on fascinating tours to explore the unique culture and proud history of Quang Nam.

One tour in particular takes guests through the historic streets of Hoi An by vintage sidecar, a thrilling experience where the unique vantage point makes you feel unencumbered, with the sea breezes blowing on your face, and the sweet smell of new rice plants in the air, and the sounds of bustling village life in your ears.

trading port

trading port

Carefully designed tours invite guests to visit the 100% organic Tra Que vegetable village, centuries-old houses, silk weaving villages, and a traditional pottery-making village.

There’s also the opportunity to explore the ancient My Son Sanctuary with its moss-grown temples and time-weathered stone statues. While there, witness rituals of the ancient Champa civilization and take in exciting traditional art performances and craft demonstrations.

The resort itself offers a wide range of amenities, including a spa, restaurant, and beach bar. Start a relaxing new day at Victoria Hoi An by sipping an aromatic cup of coffee taken with flaky croissants at L’Annam Restaurant;

watch the sun setting over the sea with a refreshing cocktail at Faifoo Bar; enjoy soothing health and beauty treatments using organic ingredients at spa; or perhaps sit down to a romantic dinner overlooking the beach with specially-designed set menus or join a fun seafood BBQ, etc.

Bright sunshine, the never-ending sound of waves washing ashore, distinctive architecture, friendly, professional service and Hoi An’s amazing history all combine in one perfect holiday at Victoria Hoi An!

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