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Hành trình chạy địa hình đáng nhớ tại rừng thiêng Núi Cấm File name: 400448758_873799261086689_5088027800523363766_n.jpg

The unforgettable trail running in the sacred Cam Mountain

Although the Cam Mountain Trail 2023 has concluded, it has left vivid memories for participants who enthusiastically ran around the sacred Cam Mountain. 

In the early days of November, the Cam Mountain Trail 2023 was successfully held with over 1,000 participants. This was the first large-scale trail marathon in the mesmerizing Mekong Delta region. It is hosted by Victoria Chau Doc Hotel & Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, two members of Thien Minh Group (TMG), in coordination with Vietrace365, the Management Board of Cam Mountain Tourist Area, along with the Provincial Center for Trade Promotion and Investment of An Giang Province and the People’s Committee of Tinh Bien Town, An Giang Province.

In the athletes’ impressions, the Cam Mountain Trail is likely one of the most challenging trail races. Alongside “comfortable” stretches with beautiful, tranquil natural scenery, the race also featured steep inclines and rugged terrain with numerous streams, mountains, fields, and so on. All of these elements created a tough and highly challenging race experience that Victoria Chau Doc, Victoria Nui Sam, and the organizers brought to the athletes.

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As one of the participants in the 10km race, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tri, a young man coming back from Laos, shared his fascinating experiences during the race:

“I really like the trekking tour on Cam Mountain, which is provided by Victoria Chau Doc and Victoria Nui Sam. When I heard there would be a trail marathon on Cam Mountain, I joined without hesitation. Cam Mountain Trail is so terrific! The adventurous running routes not only challenged my spirit and endurance but also took me on a journey to enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature with terraced fields, rocky slopes, and peaceful rice fields. With each step, I was immersed in the magnificent painting of nature, both wonderful and mysterious.

The cool weather, the misty atmosphere created a mysterious and sophisticated beauty of the mystical Cam Mountain. This beauty, combined with the thorough preparation and meticulousness of the organizers, turned the race into an event that was not only a physical experience but also a journey of exploration and immersion in nature.”

During the race, Mr. Tri also expressed his satisfaction with the organisers’ preparation and operation, especially Victoria Chau Doc and Victoria Nui Sam. 

“I am truly impressed with the professionalism of the organizers, from race routes management to water and food supply points. Our safety was also put on top priority which was really great. I believe this event will continue to improve and attract even more athletes, contributing to encouraging the passion for trail running in the community.

Sincere thanks to the organizers and everyone who accompanied the race. Together, we created a running journey, an amazing experience, and unforgettable memories. I hope the Cam Mountain Trail will continue to be a destination for sports enthusiasts in the future.”

trail running


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