My “Mini Messi” and endless happy summer holidays at Victoria Hoi An

Summer vacation is always a precious time for the whole family to relax together. For a mother like me with a husband and two young children, creating unforgettable memories for my family is always what I look for in a vacation. That’s why we chose Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa as our summer holiday destination.

We were welcomed to Victoria Hoi An by warm sunshine, beautiful Cua Dai Beach, and the lovely green spaces of this resort modeled after a traditional fishing village. Voted the “Best Value Beach Resort in Hoi An” by TripAdvisor and known as the best beach resort at Cua Dai Beach, our first impression was that Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa would be all we were hoping for.


“Mini Messi” on the football pitch


My husband is an avid football fan, both watching and playing soccer whenever he has time. Perhaps that’s where our two children inherited their love for the sport of kings from a very young age. So, as soon as we finished putting our luggage in the room at Victoria Hoi An, the three of them headed for the soccer field to kick the ball around and practice field goals.

However, no matter how much they love football, little kids are easily distracted. That’s how my youngest son found himself running to the nearby tennis court and picking up a tennis ball and running around the soccer field with it, all the while cheering on his brother and father. As both a mother and a referee, I capture every moment of my children’s life on my phone. Looking at my youngest son running after his father and older brother in a sweaty Messi jersey, I couldn’t help but laugh because he looked more like a cheerleader than a player.


A bundle of energy

summer holidays at Victoria Hoi An

After playing with both soccer balls and tennis balls with no clear winner between father and sons, the family decided to head down to the lovely infinity pool at the center of Victoria Hoi An Resort to cool down from the summer’s heat.

summer holidays at Victoria Hoi An

While I lounged under the shade of palm trees right next to the sea, the three of them immediately jumped into the swimming pool with some children’s floats given to us by the kind pool staff. Even after an exhausting session of football, I was surprised to see that my “mini Messi” still had a lot of energy to play with his brother and father. He’s always a bundle of energy when it comes to fun and games.


The number one summer vacation destination for your child

For me, our summer vacation with my husband and children at Victoria Hoi An was great because we were able to spend quality time together and strengthen family bonds. Our kids not only got to live out their passion by playing football but also enjoyed swimming on the bright, sunny summer days of Vietnam’s Central region.

summer holidays at Victoria Hoi An


What about us, the parents? Despite being on vacation, it seemed like we were even busier looking after our children than at home. However, we still enjoyed relaxing moments together, like when the children were taking their naps or when they were browsing the extensive breakfast buffet. But much too soon, our summer beach vacation came to an end!

After spending time at Victoria Hoi An, I realized that this resort was absolutely the right choice for us. Not just because the resort has a beautiful beach and wide range of amenities, but also because of the memorable moments we shared together. I would like to sincerely thank Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa for a meaningful and memorable summer vacation.

For those looking for an enjoyable holiday filled with bright sunshine, blue sea, and swaying coconut trees, I wanted to share my family’s experience so that your family can also choose Victoria Hoi An, a resort showcasing the beauty of Indochina.

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