Thrilling kayak races ring in the new year at Victoria Hoi An

As every new year approaches, the atmosphere at Victoria Hoi An, a resort paradise located on Hoi An’s beautiful Cua Dai Beach, becomes increasingly electric. That’s because resort guests are all anticipating a series of events to ring in the new year, starting with exciting kayak races.

Starting the new year with a victory is thought to bring good fortune all year long. That’s one of the reasons why the kayak races that mark the new year at Victoria Hoi An are always eagerly awaited.

The tradition of kayak racing to welcome the new year

It has become a tradition that every year, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), organizes kayak races on the De Vong River, with the starting point located right in front of the beach resort.

The 2023 kayak races were part of Victoria Hoi An’s New Year’s Eve program, welcoming international tourists from the UK, Australia, America, and Canada staying at the resort. The rowers were divided into 4 groups for each race, with each group of 4 people competing at a distance of 400m. The winner of each race advanced to the final round.

Like many other races, the final round of the New Year’s kayak race at Victoria Hoi An featured a great performance of the best rowers. As soon as the siren sounded, each kayak shot forward in the water, leaving frothy waves in their wake.

Under the powerful strokes of the competitors, racers and boats seemed to become one as they made their way full speed to the finish line. Drops of sweat streamed down the faces of the racers, highlighting the will to win in each rower’s eyes. All too soon, the kayak race ended with the celebrations of the winner and the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd gathered on the shore.

Good wine, good music, great memories

After each race, representatives of Victoria Hoi An presented gifts from the resort to the racers who, although amateur in expertise but were professional in will. The prize for the first person to cross the finish line was a bottle of premium champagne. Meanwhile, the two rowers who took second and third places also received a bottle of wine. All rowers participating in the competition were gifted a small lantern, an iconic symbol of Hoi An.

After the exhilarating kayak races on the river during the day, guests staying at Victoria Hoi An attended an evening party to ring in the new year with great merriment on the dance floor that makes its appearance only once a year at Victoria Hoi An. What is usually the reception hall at the resort, inspired by the beauty of Indochina, was turned into a vibrant dance floor where intricate dance steps accompanied the lively music.

It was a very exciting and special event to mark the new year, where tourists from all over the world gathered at Victoria Hoi An to wish for a peaceful and happy beginning to the year ahead.

But perhaps for the guests, or at least the competitors, the enduring memory from the occasion will be that of giving every ounce of effort, sweat streaming down the body, to will the kayak ever forward on the lovely De Vong River right in front of Victoria Hoi An Resort, the culimination of the most unforgettable vacation on beautiful Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An, Quang Nam.

That’s also why the New Year’s kayak races at Victoria Hoi An have become so special for many generations of guests staying at the resort at this time of year.

In addition to kayaking, Victoria Hoi An offers many other activities and amenities including swimming, sailing, yoga, sunbathing, spa, movies, gym and more. Victoria Hoi An also regularly organizes football matches for both for staff and guests staying at the resort to promote physical exercise and sports, helping people to both improve their health and enjoy an incredible vacation experience


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