Explore the summer “Thousand Experiences – Million Joys” at the premier beach resort in Hoi An File name: VHA-1-1.jpg

Explore the summer “Thousand Experiences – Million Joys” at the premier beach resort in Hoi An

Hoi An is not only about the peaceful ancient town with nostalgic yellow walls, time-stained tiled roofs, and vibrant paper lanterns… Hoi An also boasts stunning beaches and perfect weather, ready for an endless summer of fun. Join us to explore the summer of “Thousand Experiences – Million Joys” at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort And Spa and enjoy special offers here.
Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort And Spa – The premier beach resort in Hội An

Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort And Spa – The premier beach resort in Hội An

A summer of unique experiences awaits Immerse yourself in the cool refreshing water of the infinity pool located right by the beach, gaze at the gentle waves of the sea, and savor a refreshing cocktail

Indulge in a cup of afternoon tea while admiring the brilliant sunset unfold

Moreover, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort And Spa also features a dedicated swimming pool for children with lifeguards on duty throughout the pool’s operating hours, ensuring the highest level of safety. Every Saturday evening, L’Annam restaurant will bring you an extraordinary culinary and cultural journey. It’s not just a buffet menu featuring delicious and enticing seafood dishes and local specialties… But also vibrant melodies from an international band performing live at the restaurant, or traditional ethnic dances showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region performed by professional dancers. A special service that you cannot miss during your summer vacation at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort And Spa is the cinema located within the resort premises The cinema is inspired by elegant classical theaters of the West, offering guests comfort, warmth, and a perfect private space to enjoy movies. A vibrant summer awaits with thrilling sports activities The private beach with its long stretch of white sand is an ideal spot for summer sports activities
Explore Cua Dai Beach on a unique Catamaran sailing experience, available exclusively at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa. Don’t forget to test your skills in activities such as surfing, beach volleyball, or gently paddle a kayak along the famous Thu Bon River Certainly, all activities are guided by experienced instructors to ensure your safety and enjoyment A summer of incredible exploration awaits Embark on cultural and sightseeing tours to fully discover the physical and spiritual beauty of Hoi An, such as Exploring Hoi An Ancient Town: Culture & History Tour, Discovering Marble Mountains & Cham Museum, Learning about Hoi An Lanterns, Tra Que Vegetable Village Tour, Thanh Ha Pottery Village & Kim Bong Carpentry Village Tour, and more. These tours will allow you to immerse yourself in the rich heritage and charm of Hoi An Especially, you can choose a unique tour to explore Hoi An’s ancient town in “side cars” – an unparalleled experience that allows you to enjoy the fresh and cool sea breeze, the lush green rice fields, and the lively yet peaceful ambiance of the town We are ready to provide you with the most complete summer vacation experience! Start planning your trip today.

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